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This is my new home on the web! I am Marciano Dragonetti (Mar CHI ah no  Dra gone eh tee), late 16c. Floresian merchant and tailor...Merchant of Florence

Well, ok, that's not exactly true- but that's who I assume when playing in the Society for Creative Anachronism.

But I digress (frequently, actually- it's part of my charm), this web site serves as my online home. If you want to know something about me (Marciano), you'll probably find it here.

This site is originally my answer to a "dress diary". I like to sew. I like to sew lots of things. Not just dresses, but lot's of things. And pretty things too!

Anyways, I was on live journal for all of a week before designing this site. Live journal and other online ventures just wouldn't provide me with the medium I would need to successfully do a dress diary, or any form of written record of my history in the SCA (which has comprised of 16 of my 32 years on this planet*). But more than writing, I needed a format to show- in the form of pictures- my progress as an artisan.


   *as of 2007